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Prof Rekha Agrawal

Professor Education... View Profile

Prof Kaushal Kishore

Professor ... View Profile

Dr Tapan Kumar Basantia

Associate Professor Education... View Profile

Dr Ram Awadh

Assistant Professor Pedagogy Of Fine Art... View Profile

Dr Ravindra Kumar

Assistant Professor Specialization: ICT in Education, Education Techno... View Profile

Dr Pragya Gupta

Assistant Professor Educational Psychology, Inclusive Education... View Profile

Dr Rinki

Assistant Professor Secondary School Science Education, Distance Educa... View Profile

Dr Sanjana Tirkey

Assistant Professor Diversity Inclusion and Pedagogy, Gender Studies... View Profile

Dr Swati Gupta

Assistant Professor Teaching Of English, Measurement and Evaluation (S... View Profile

Dr Shasikant Singh

Assistant Professor Teaching and Training In Physical Education and Yo... View Profile

Dr Nrapendra Vir Singh

Assistant Professor Social Science Education, History Education, Philo... View Profile

Dr Ritesh Kumar

Assistant Professor Teaching Of Physical Science, Use Of Information a... View Profile

Dr Mitanjali Sahoo

Assistant Professor Psychology Of Education, Methodology Of Educationa... View Profile

Dr Arati Mishra

Assistant Professor Innovations In Art Education, Research Oriented Pr... View Profile

Dr Anshu Bhardwaj

Assistant Professor Pedagogy Of Life Science and Cognitive Psychology ... View Profile

Dr Tarun Kumar Tyagi

Assistant Professor Research Methodology and Educational Statistics, E... View Profile

Dr Chandra Prabha Pandey

Assistant Professor Citizenship Education and Constructvist Approach O... View Profile

Dr Kavita Singh

Assistant Professor Pedagogy Of Social Sciences, Inclusive Education, ... View Profile

Dr Mozammil Hassan

Assistant Professor Education... View Profile

Dr Manish Kumar Gautam

Assistant Professor Research Methodology, Mathematics Education, Entre... View Profile

Dr Kishor Kumar

Assistant Professor Pedagogy Of Mathematics... View Profile

Mrs Nidhi Neanam

Assistant Professor Pedagogy Of Life Sciences, Educational Psychology,... View Profile