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Prof Pawan Kumar Mishra

Professor Criminal Law, Law Relating To Women and Children, ... View Profile

Prof Sanjay Prakash Srivastava

Professor Patents Law, Rti, Law and Governance, Copyright La... View Profile

Prof Pradip Kumar Das

Professor Business Laws and Intellectual Property Laws... View Profile

Dr Digvijay Singh

Assistant Professor - Senior Scale Intellectual Property Law, Labour Law and Industri... View Profile

Dr Pallavi Singh

Assistant Professor Cyber Law... View Profile

Dr Ram Chandra Oraon

Assistant Professor Law... View Profile

Dr Deo Narayan Singh

Assistant Professor Commercial Law,Law of Insurance, Consumer Protec... View Profile

Miss Poonam Kumari

Assistant Professor ... View Profile

Dr Ajay Kumar Barnwal

Assistant Professor Law... View Profile

Dr Anant Prakash Narayan

Assistant Professor Law... View Profile